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Get ready. We’re traveling back in time to nineteenth-century England—this is, the Victorian Era. Since they didn’t have computers back in the day, the Victorians had no means of archiving their short fiction for future generations. That’s where undergraduates like us come in. With the help of Professor Elizabeth Chang, we set out to compile an anthologized database of Victorian short fiction. While the classics are important (here’s looking at you, Dickens) it is equally as important to anthologize those stories by authors the world isn’t as familiar with (or in some cases, the world may never know, due to authors not attributing themselves to their stories). Nevertheless, there is a wealth of entertainment and knowledge to be found in these Victorian short stories. Welcome to our own unique time machine.


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Students at the University of Missouri can access the reference works we used to create this site through the library research guide created by Anne Barker.  We offer special thanks to both Anne Barker and Erin Zellers, along with the rest of the Ellis Library’s Special Collections staff, without whom this website would not be possible.

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