2015 January

Wiki First Impression

At a first glance of this website, it is not incredibly appealing. Although it does express its goals to inform others about the stories written in the Victorian Era, it does it in a very bland way. The goals of this website are achieved through detailed responses and critical analysis of stories written in this… read more »

Victorian Short Fiction wiki

The Wikipedia site created by the previous class clearly states the goal they are attempting to provide. However, they do not seem to go in detail much about the authors. Some of these posts about the author’s biography are short and do not provide a lot of detail. While others are more detailed and provide… read more »

Response 1: Improvements

After reviewing the content on the Victorian Short Fiction Wiki, I have come to understand its purpose and format. The site clearly expresses its goals. Under the pictures on the home page, the following introduction is presented to readers to explain its origins and purpose: “Welcome to the Victorian Short Fiction wiki! With the help… read more »