2015 February

Rudyard Kipling

The author I decided to research is Rudyard Kipling, mostly because he also wrote The Jungle Book. Rudyard Kipling was born on December 30th, 1865 in India, to Alice and John Lockwood Kipling, Anglo-Indians. Kipling lived in India for a short time as an adolescent, and was then sent to London for his education. For… read more »

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a well known author born October 16, 1854 to two very intellectual parents, his father William who was a surgeon, and his mother Jane who was a writer and an Irish nationalist. He was the middle child and grew up with a strong devotion to Irish evangelism because of his families prominent… read more »

The Monthly Review

The periodical I chose to look at during class was The Monthly Review, or Literary Journal. This periodical consisted of month to month articles dating from September to December of 1812. The different articles within the periodical were articles like “Clarke’s Travels, Part II”, “Humboldt’s Essay on New Spain, Vols. III & IV”, “Hardy’s Memoirs… read more »


The periodical I chose to read was volume IV of The Yellow Book. The yellow book was a radical series of short stories and poems of the era. The edition I had was January 1895.  The cover was the first thing I noticed with a nice illustration and the color of the book actually being… read more »

Hallucinations in “Green Tea”

Within the story “Green Tea”, there is a man, Mr. Jennings, which is afflicted by hallucinations involving a monkey. He believes the monkey to be an evil spirit of sorts, and consults a doctor about helping him get rid of the monkey. The doctor and many others continuously refer to Mr. Jennings as being very… read more »

Lispeth & Word Context

The word from the reading I am to further contextualize is memsahib, and it is coming from the short story of “Lisbeth”. This is a story of the journey of a young beautiful woman initially, who has striking features, and does things the common women in her area don’t do such as walking multiple miles… read more »

Rossetti Archive

This archive is about Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his works. The people who worked on this cite have provided a list of works that they have compiled onto this database. They have made this database in order to better present the works of Rossetti. The purpose of this site is to present a digitized work… read more »

Response to BWRP

I chose the British Women Romantic Poets Project which stated the clear goal of providing an archive of women’s poetry from 1789-1832 of Britain and Ireland. Its goal is to provide these texts in an easily and readily available format, as they are not widely available from other sources. One thing I really like about… read more »

The Algernon Charles Swineburne Project

The Algernon Charles Swineburne Project was done by a student at Indiana University. It is a collective of Swineburne’s work amongst other things. The scholarly purpose attributed to this project is collect his work digitally and create and devote an electronic footprint to leave on the web essentially. Another purpose is to include all relative… read more »