2015 March

The Lawyers’ Prayer Union


Red Riding Hood’s Doll

Introduction Works Cited Publication History Full Text Introduction [top] By Jessica Kaspar During the Victorian Era, many authors were writing stories about the concerns of society, in which they brought attention to the people living with less than enough money or food to live on. Like in the story “A Christmas Carol,” the story “Red… read more »

Red Riding Hood’s Doll

The Hon. Mrs. Baker discoursed with her friend Mrs. Clarence, on the way to the –Bazaar. The Hon. Mrs. Baker was not in that placid mood that ordinarily made her the gentlest of gentlewomen. There was a shadow on her face, and her eyes that, like Gertrude’s of Wyoming,usually shone as though they loved all… read more »

The Little Bread-Wasters

ProQuestDocuments-2015-03-07-3 LEAVES FOR THE LITTLE ONES. THE LITTLE BREAD-WASTERS. {Adaptedfrom the German.) BY HANNAH CLAY. There were once two little children, named Godfrey and Emma, who lived in a nice house, with kind parents, and had every pleasure that they could reasonably desire. This little brother and sister were very kind to one another, and… read more »

Oscar Wilde

Coming into Mizzou, Oscar Wilde was amongst the first author’s I read in my first level English course, and being intrigued by different things seen as out of this world was his forte’ so I have always enjoyed his works. Aside from studying his biography previously and finding his parents and family to be a… read more »

Albert Edward

I have an intense fascination with Sherlock Holmes. I have read quite a bit of the short stories and novels, and I have watched most modern adaptations. I have never thought to study the history of England and Sherlock to see if they were related in anyway. Therefore, the first thing I did was go… read more »