2015 May

Sharpe’s London Magazine

Sharpe’s London magazine of entertainment and instruction for general reading was a periodical that was popular in the United Kingdom, London. As the periodical developed it changed its name to simply Sharpe’s London Magazine. According to ProQuest British periodicals it was called Sharpe’s London magazine in Nov. 1845 through Feb. 1849. Then later it was… read more »

Clifford Halifax

Clifford Halifax (Edgar Beaumont) was a physician and writer in the UK during the time when he collaborated with Meade. It is thought that Beaumont utilized his Halifax pseudonym exclusively for his collaborations with Meade. (SFE) Their first collaborative work was This Troublesome World, published in 1893 in the traditional three-volume format that the Victorian… read more »

L.T. Meade

L.T. Meade (Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith) was a female writer, very accomplished in her time, who wrote under a pseudonym. She was born to Rev. R.T. Meade in Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, in 1844, and grew to become a prolific writer of mainly stories for young girls. Often called the Strand’s most popular contributor, she… read more »

George Manville Fenn

George Manville Fenn was born in Pimlico, London, on 3 January 1831, was the third child and the eldest of three sons of Ann Louisa and Charles Fenn. He for the most part educated himself until he attended college. He married his wife Suzannah on May 24, 1855, and they had two sons and six… read more »

Elizabeth Lynn Linton

Elizabeth Lynn Linton (also known as Eliza Lynn) was an author in the Victorian Era who produced poems and novels. She was born on February 10, 1822 to Revd James Lynn and his first wife Charlotte Alicia in Keswick, Cumberland. Eliza’s mother died shortly after giving birth. She received no formal education in her childhood,… read more »