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Sites with basic information about the Victorian age:

1.) The Victorian Web
This website gives a gross overview of the Victorian period. The site contains important cultural and sociological issues that pertain to the literature we’ve discussed and posted on our wiki page. More specifically, the page has an extensive section on literary techniques and the writing of the time. This allows the user to relate their knowledge learned from this site to our short stories and information.

2.) Victorian Station
This website gives a detailed outline of different aspect of Victorian life–from architecture to arts and literature, and the Victorian way of life, this site details the manner in which a real Victorian lived their life.

3.) The Norton Anthology of English Literature
This entry gives an interesting overview of life during the Victorian age.  The opening page describes an overview of the Victorian era, but the following links to the side of the page dive deeper into issues such as women’s roles, important paintings, and the impact of imperialism during this time.

4.) The Victorian Era
This site is a smorgasbord of articles explaining different aspects of the Victorian culture. There is information on things as random as Victorian bridal showers as well as historical information on broader aspects of Victorian culture such as architecture and education. The site also includes authentic photographs pertaining to almost every section.

5.) The Victorian Era: Overview
This site is a good overview of Victorian life styles. It includes tabs on courtship, Victorian gentlemen, women’s sports, shopping and so forth. Overall the site is a good source for information on the way daily life was conducted in the Victorian Era.

6.) Poverty and Families in the Victorian Era
This site provides pictures of the different aspects of life during the Victorian era. It also has information on different activities and publications of the time. Overall, it’s a good overview of the popular culture of the time.

7.) BBC History: Victorians
This site is an excellent reference source for the Victorian era.  It provides an in-depth account of important events that occurred during the Victorian era, as well as details about the lifestyles of Victorian residents.

8.) The Victorian Dictionary
This website is extremely helpful when trying to unravel what certain terms meant during the Victorian era. The site provides not only  explanations of the words, but also gives specific context as to how the words were used during the Victorian era to help scholars understand their meanings and uses.

Sites that collect literature, art, and texts from the Victorian age:

1.) Victoria and Albert Art Museum
Different pieces of art from the 19th century, which are showcased in the Victoria and Albert Art Museum, named after Prince Albert and Queen Victoria in 1852, can be found on this website. Many of the pieces display the Victorian era theme of family and domestic life, such as the style titled, “Victorian Christmas Reading,” which shows different texts and imagery of this genre.

2.) The Online Literature Library
Literature.org provides an extensive author list including Emily Bronte, Wilkie Collins, Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker, all well known Victorian authors. Moreover, each author link leads to at least one full text written by that particular author. The website follows the appropriate copyright laws as well as provides information about where the text came from. Although the site is not the prime site in terms of looks, it does a good job with accurate and authentic text.

3.) The Online Books Page
The Online Books Page by the University of Pennsylvania is a website listing of “over one million free books on the web.” The goal of this site is to serve as a starting place when searching for full text online. One can search the site by author, title, subject, serials, as well as new listings. They also provide links to other academic anthologies, presses and institutions.

Sites similar to ours, focused on the Victorian age:

1.) The Victorian Short Fiction Project
This website likens itself to ours, a created wiki geared toward student research. The similarities between the two allow for our sites to coexist while working together collaboratively: the site provides information that can fill in the spaces between the lines of our researched information.

2.) English Realism: The Victorian Era
This site is a bit more laid-back, however it pertains to our particular research process: blogging. Although the site is a blog, it is a forum for discussion on topics that directly pertain to our research, the Victorian era, and the path we took as undergraduate researchers to create our wiki.

3.) Victorian Women Writers Project
The Victorian Women Writers Project is a website created by members of Indiana University. The site focuses on the writing of unknown, or rather not wildly famous, women during the 19th century. One may browse the 200 original, online text on the site by author, title or year of publication. The creators have provided extensive citations and other sources to provide a high level of authenticity.

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