Work in Progress: New texts for Spring 2015

Anonymous, “A White Christmas” (1891)
Anonymous, “A Noble Scamp” (1898)
Beatrice Harraden, “At the Green Dragon” (1893)
George Manville Fenn, “Laying a Ghost” (1891)
Samuel Thomas Heard, “Rachel and Leah” (1895)
Hannah Clay, The Little Bread-Wasters (1861)
Red Riding Hood’s Doll
Anonymous, “The Companions of Death.” (1868)
L.T. Meade and Clifford Halifax, M.D., “The Seventh Step” (1895)
Anonymous, “A Raffle for a Wife” (1819)
John Davidson, “Thirty Bob A Week” (1894)
Anonymous, “The Last Dragon” (1871)
The Lawyers’ Prayer Union
Alice Maud Meadows, “Singing Bob” (1894)
Elizabeth Lynn Linton, “The Young Village Doctor” (1846)

Edited Texts

Richard Johns, “The Electrical Gentleman” (1838)
Abraham Elder, “The Wishing Well” (1840)
Rev. James White, “Two College Friends” (1840)
R. B. Peake, “The Transylvanian Anatomie!” (1840)
Charles Robert Forrester, “The Pop Visit” (1841)
Charles Ollier, “The Night Shriek” (1841)
Charles Ollier, “The Haunted Manor-House of Paddington” (1841)
Robert Dundas Murray, “The Lonja of Seville” (1841)
Richard Johns, “A Maltese Ghost Story” (1842)
Isabella Frances Romer, “The Necromancer; or Ghost versus Gramarye” (1842)
Charles Dickens, “Some Account Of An Extra-Ordinary Traveller” (1850)
Hannah Clay, “The Broken Promise” (1853)
George Augustus Sala, “A Dead Secret” (1853)
A. L. V. Gretton, “The Blind Man’s Wreath” (1854)
Maria Norris, “Margaret’s Two Lovers (A Christmas Tale)” (1856)
Anonymous, “The Homeless Boy” (1866)
Theodore Wratislaw, “Mutability” (1896)
Jules Lemaitre, “Cinderella’s Daughter” (1898)

Other Texts of Interest

Charles Dickens, “A Bloomsbury Christening” (1834)
Wilkie Collins, “A Terribly Strange Bed” (1852)
Mary Elizabeth Braddon, “Eveline’s Visitant” (1862)
Arthur Conan Doyle, “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1891)
H. G. Wells, “The Flowering of the Strange Orchid” (1894)


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