Listed alphabetically below are the authors whose short stories appear on this wiki.

Hannah Clay
John Davidson
Charles Dickens
Abraham Elder
George Manville Fenn
Charles Robert Forrester
A.L.V. Gretton
Clifford Halifax
Beatrice Harraden
Samuel Thomas Heard
Richard Johns
Jules Lemaître
Elizabeth Lynn Linton
Jane C. Webb Loudon
L.T. Meade
Alice Maud Meadows
Robert Dundas Murray
Maria Norris
Charles Ollier
Richard Brinsley Peake
Isabella Romer
George Augustus Sala
Reverend James White
Theodore Wratislaw

Other Useful Biographical Sources


Curran, Eileen. “Biographies of Some Obscure Contributors to 19th-Century Periodicals.” Victorian Research Web, 2002. Web. 24 April 2011.


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