A periodical is a published work that appears in a new edition on a regular schedule. Due to increased literacy rates and advents in print technology, the Victorian era witnessed a growing popularity of newspapers and magazines. Although they also published journalistic pieces and novel installments, these periodicals were the primary sources for contemporary short fiction. Listed below are the periodicals that published the short stories shown on this wiki. Each page includes pertinent information regarding the publication of the given periodical, including editors, famous contributors, and the average circulation. These journals are, in part, a reflection of the holdings at the University of Missouri. They are wide-ranging in both content and audience, including journals targeted towards women, children, and members of the aesthetic movement. For more information on the sources used on these pages, see our works cited.

Ainsworth’s Magazine
Bentley’s Miscellany
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine
Household Words
Kind Words for Boys and Girls
La Belle Assemblée
Macmillan’s Magazine
The Ladies’ Companion
The London Journal
The London Reader
The Savoy
Sharpe’s London Magazine
The Strand
The Yellow Book


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